Lisa Murkowski stays in close communication with Alaskans and Alaska communities. Her seniority in the U.S. Senate as well as her chairmanship of the Energy Committee and seat on the Appropriations Committee are all important for protecting Alaska’s interests In Washington D.C.”

- Mayor Mike Navarre, Kenai Peninsula Borough

“I support Senator Murkowski because she’s an inspiration to young Alaskans and can be counted on to fight for us.”

- Kiera O’Brien, graduate of Ketchikan High School and a Freshman at Harvard University

I take great pleasure in endorsing Senator Murkowski for reelection. I have admired her courage and skill on behalf of Alaska since her days in our State legislature.”

- Clem Tillion, Former State Senator

Senator Murkowski has a long track record of supporting the working men and women of Alaska by fighting hard to create quality jobs that form the backbone of a strong middle class in our state. The IUPAT Alaska Local 1959 is proud to announce their endorsement for Lisa Murkowski for U.S. Senate!

- Bronson Frye, International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) Local 1959

Lisa puts Alaskans first, politics second. I respect that in a politician.”

- Julie Decker, Assembly Member, City and Borough of Wrangell

Senator Murkowski is the right choice for Alaska. Her leadership position in the Senate, particularly on energy issues, is critical to Alaska’s future success.

- Governor Sean Parnell

The legislation that Senator Murkowski proposed on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Rule was a prime example of her support of hunting rights in our State.”

- Deb Moore, Executive Director, Alaska Professional Hunters Association

Lisa Murkowski has brought a deep love for Alaska and absolute integrity to her role in serving our state. We need her to continue as our U.S. Senator.”

- Arliss Sturgulewski, Former State Senator

I believe we have a working team in senators Murkowski and Sullivan. They have both supported and fought for those issues that are important to the welfare of the State of Alaska and the citizens of our great state.”

- David Jack

I strongly support Senator Lisa Murkowski. She is our go to person when trying to unravel the many federal entanglements in Southeast Alaska.”

- Dennis Watson

I support Lisa because she works hard! She’s the best. She’s already passed the test.”

- Bernie Karl, Energy for Lisa Coalition

I support Lisa because she focuses on policy, not politics. Rare commodity these days.”

- Kara Moriarty, Energy for Lisa Coalition

I had the opportunity to serve with Lisa in the Alaska House of Representatives. We mostly agreed on the issues facing Alaska. However, if we had a different point of view I always found Lisa’s views to be thoughtful and well researched. A special skill that Lisa has, one I haven’t mastered, is to be able to disagree without being disagreeable.”

- Con Bunde, Former State Senator

Lisa is amazingly approachable and obviously cares deeply about all Alaskans. You can bet that she’s the #1 most accessible senator in Washington D.C. Thanks again!”

- David Landis

Senator Murkowski has the knowledge of Alaska and fights for all Alaskans. Her seniority in the Senate serves Alaska well. She has always been a supporter of Seward, and always takes the time to listen to our issues.”

- Jean Bardarson

I vote fish. I vote Lisa.”

- Julie Decker, Wrangell, Commercial Fishing Family

What strikes me about Lisa is that she is most like former Senator Ted Stevens in that she puts Alaska first. She is what’s best for Alaskans.”

- Mike Heatwole, Energy for Lisa Coalition

I have grown up in Bush Alaska and Lisa is always in contact with people in our small communities. This would not be Alaska without the heritage of the rich communities that make up for a small percentage of our state’s population and Lisa Murkowski understands this. Thank you Lisa Murkowski and staff for your hard work and loyalty to our beautiful state.”

- Karl Anderson

I support Lisa because she fights for our rights to fish and hunt. Her efforts on behalf of our friend John Sturgeon are but one example of why we respect and support her, and she recognizes the importance of our placer mining industry and keeping Tok a vibrant and important full service center to Interior Alaska.”

- Dr. Spike Jorgenson, Sportsmen for Lisa Coalition

“Sen. Murkowski understands the importance of responsible natural resource development to our region. She also understands our need to strike the right balance to protect the animals of the land and the sea that have continued to nourish our bodies and our souls for thousands of years.”

- Rex Rock, President & CEO, Arctic Slope Regional Corporation

If you want to see honest people in Government, please join me in Supporting Lisa Murkowski as our Senator.”

- Mayor Clement Richards, Northwest Arctic Borough

As Mayor of Nome I am particularly interested in her efforts on behalf of the increased activities in the Far North most notably her success in getting a billion dollars for the a new Coast Guard icebreaker.”

- Mayor Richard Beneville, Nome

I am a 63 year life long resident of Kenai. I have for 45 years been a Cook Inlet Setnetter on North Kalifornsky Beach. I totally support and endorse Lisa for re-election to the U.S. Senate. You make Alaskans proud for the hard work you do for all the people of this great state. We need you more than ever.”

- Gary Hollier, Fishermen for Lisa Coalition

Alaskan deserves access to affordable health care and burdensome federal regulations only add complications, not solutions. Lisa is a valuable asset to Alaska’s health care providers. We need her strong advocacy in the U.S. Senate.”

- Becky Hultburg, Health Providers for Lisa Coalition

“Senator Lisa Murkowski has been a champion for consumers, businesses and families in Alaska and across the nation. Alaskans are fortunate to have a leader that understands our energy opportunities, and knows what is needed to take advantage of them. While many are frustrated with Washington, Senator Murkowski’s record and actions demonstrate her commitment to being part of the solution, and we’re proud to support her.”

- Karen Harbert, Chairman & CEO, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Energy Institute

I have always been impressed with Lisa’s staff and their dedication to Alaska – she hires the best of the best.”

- Curtis W. Thayer, President & CEO, Alaska Chamber

Now more than ever Alaska needs someone with a level head and ability to work cooperatively to get things done for our great State. From Barrow to Ketchikan, from oil to tourism to fisheries to preservation of our culture and heritage – Lisa know it, supports it, lives it.”

- Anne Gore, MPH, Health Providers for Lisa Coalition

To rural Alaska residents, violence against women, suicide, domestic violence, and abuse of our young ones and our elders is a reality. Lisa Murkowski has supported legislation and funding to support prevention of all of these unfortunate issues rural Alaskan residents face. Quyanaqpak, Lisa, for realizing that this issue is one that must be faced, addressed, and changed!”

- Pearl Brower, Barrow

“I have known Lisa for decades, and she has always demonstrated her passion for Alaska and Alaskans. She understands our energy challenges and is a tireless fighter for affordable energy and quality of life throughout Alaska.”

- Meera Kohler, Energy for Lisa Coalition

She has worked tirelessly to advocate and advance policy impacting Alaska Natives and rural Alaska. She has proven she is a champion among us and was adopted into the Tlingit, Raven Deisheetaan Clan who gave her the Tlingit name, Aanshawátk’i, which in English means ‘Lady of the Land.’”

- Sealaska Board of Directors

“Lisa converts her words into action!”

- William Alstrom, St. Mary’s

Lisa always puts Alaska and Alaskans first. She is honest and tenacious and I am proud she is our Senator.”

- Barbara Donatelli

Chugach Alaska Corporation is proud to endorse Senator Lisa Murkowski for another term. Lisa has dedicated her life and career toward the betterment of Alaska Natives, and the collective Alaska community. She has been a strong voice and outspoken leader on issues of critical importance to the Chugach region and our shareholders. We are lucky to have her representing Alaska to find solutions to some of the unique issues Alaska Native Corporations face today.”

- Sheri Buretta, Board Chair, Chugach Alaska Corporation

“I support Lisa for what she has done to help the State of Alaska and in particular, the rural communities meet the challenges for law enforcement.. Having worked with the North Slope Borough Police department and the Alaska State Troopers, we need more people like Lisa.”

- Price Brower, Barrow

“If there was ever a person that we could have asked for in place of our Senior Senator Stevens, Lisa Murkowski is it. Lisa has the knowledge, the drive and the love for our Alaskan way of life and she fights for it.”

- Carl H Marrs, CEO, Old Harbor Native Corporation

“Lisa converts her words into action!”

- William Alstrom, St. Mary’s

“Lisa understands that the public infrastructure we enjoy as Alaskans is the result of hardworking men and women who build and maintain our public structures, including our transportation network. She takes nothing for granted. She is a master at building and maintaining the relationships we as Alaskan need in order for our voices to be heard and answered in Washington DC.”

- John McKinnon, Energy for Lisa Coalition

“I am working to elect Lisa in Juneau. She and Dan make a phenomenal team!”

- Ken Koelsch, Juneau

“Senator Murkowski is a true Force of Nature when it comes to standing up for Alaska and fighting for real solutions that don’t create new problems. She is accessible, knowledgeable, respected by her peers, and articulates the uniqueness of Alaska with clarity and passion. I am grateful for the support that Lisa has shown for our Fishing Industry partners, our City projects and our Senior Citizens Center in particular over the years.”


-Mayor Shirley Marquardt, City of Unalaska

“Lisa has stood side by side with us – helping to pass the Violence Against Women Act, providing funding and support to organizations like mine. We’re fortunate to have Lisa Murkowski standing up for Alaskan women.”

-Nicole Songer, Executive Director, Cordova Family Resource Center

“I think she’s an incredibly warm and knowledgeable woman. If you ask her anything she knows what she’s talking about — like some politicians, she’s not conniving — she’s just warm, kind and caring.”

- Cynthia Toohey, Retired Emergency Room Nurse, Health Providers for Lisa Coalition

“Lisa Murkowski is a true asset for Alaska. Her leadership and hard work has brought countless benefits to our state. Keeping Lisa in Washington is a necessity for Alaska’s positive future.”

- Mayor Karl Kassel, Fairbanks Northstar Borough

“Alaska’s educators and Senator Murkowski share a passion for increased student learning and ensuring that every child has the opportunity for success, regardless of their zip code.”

- Tim Parker, President, National Education Association – Alaska

“Lisa Murkowski works relentlessly on developing our natural resources responsibly. She is not afraid to go in alone if an issue so demands. I like that aspect of her a lot. Keep up the good work Senator; we appreciate it here in the Mat-Su Valley.”

- Mayor Vern Halter, Matanuska-Susitna Borough

“I’ve know Lisa and her family forever – I agree with their politics – and most of all, I like the way the Senator supports veterans.”

- Pat Cowan, Veterans for Lisa Coalition

“Senator Murkowski has consistently demonstrated her commitment to small businesses by being responsive to their concerns and defending their interests. She understands that small businesses are unique in their needs and contributions to Alaska’s economy.”

- Denny Dewitt, Alaska State Director, National Federation of Independent Business

“Lisa Murkowski has always done her homework regarding health care policy and has worked with the physician community in order to understand all points of view before making decisions.”

- Dr. Mary Totten, Health Providers for Lisa Coalition

“Lisa has provided great support and representation to the State of Alaska and our citizens. Our vote of continued support for Lisa, is really a vote to continue supporting Alaska and all we have worked so hard to achieve.”

- Mayor Beth Wythe, Homer

“Lisa Murkowski has gone to bat for Alaska, working to allow us to use our natural resources for oil development or mining so that we can have good-paying jobs. Her word is her bond. When Lisa says she’s going to do something, she does it.”

- Daniel Darnell, Union Pipefitter, Fairbanks

“Physical fitness and nutrition are noticeable inclusions of education policy Senator Murkowski introduced and supports, and to me it makes all the difference.”

- Philip Schneider, Former Middle School Principal, Educators for Lisa Coalition

“Lisa has been a great help and leader for the city of King Cove in many aspects. We are so thankful for all her hard work. Thank you Senator Murkowski.”

- Mayor Henry Mack, King Cove

“As Chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee, Lisa has had tremendous influence on the development of small and independent businesses in our state. She understands that the development of rural energy is a driving factor in a business’ success here in Alaska. In her leadership role, she has consistently and successfully reached across party lines to accomplish this and stand up for businesses in Alaska.”

- Jim St. George, STG Inc.

“Senator Murkowski is bright, positive and energetic. She listens attentively to our concerns and she helps get things done.”

- Mayor John Eberhart, City of Fairbanks

“Lisa has always listened whenever we have brought important issues to her attention. In the end, our support for her comes down to her actions. She is not all talk, she is about results.”

- Tom Wescott, President, Alaska Professional Fire Fighters Association

“Senator Murkowski has been an unwavering champion for the development of Alaska’s natural resources. She has a long record of fighting for military families and supporting policies at the federal level beneficial to Alaska’s economy and job market.”

- Major General Craig Campbell (ret.), Former Lt. Governor

“Senator Murkowski works tirelessly to address federal regulations that simply don’t make sense for Alaskans. Her commitment to work toward responsible resource development is unmatched and unwavering.”

- Hans Neidig, Alaska Public & Government Affairs Manager. ExxonMobil

“Senator Murkowski has been a true champion for all of Alaska. She has proven time and time again how dedicated she is in fighting for Alaska. I encourage all Alaska to get out and VOTE LISA MURKOWSKI.”

- Mayor Stanley Mack, Aleutians East Borough

I’m with Senator Murkowski. Lisa’s leading the fight against Frankenfish to protect Alaska jobs and fresh-fish lovers around the world. Lisa, thanks for keeping it fresh.”

- Chef Jeff Brooks, Executive Chef, Pike’s Landing and Catering, Fairbanks

“Koniag appreciates all of the hard work and effort that Senator Murkowski has put in for the people of the Koniag region and the entirety of Alaska. We look forward to continuing to work alongside her in the future.”

- Tom Panamaroff, President, Koniag Inc.

“United Fishermen of Alaska recognizes the record of Senator Murkowski’s awareness and effectiveness in helping Alaska’s fishing families and businesses. She has risen in her stature in the Senate and worked successfully on our behalf on a wide variety of issues that affect our members, and we look forward to working with her and her staff in the future.”

- Jerry McCune, President, United Fishermen of Alaska

I am proud to support and endorse Senator Lisa Murkowski for the U.S. Senate.”

- Mayor Mark Jensen, Petersburg Borough Mayor

Lisa is Authentic, down to earth and somehow manages to make time for each and every one of her fellow Alaskans while carefully crafting our unique place in policies for America. She knows for so many Alaskans fisheries come first and she makes us a priority.”

- Connor Toohey, Fisherman for Lisa Coalition

I happily endorse the reelection of Senator Lisa Murkowski. She is a longtime effective champion for small Alaska municipalities and their residents.”

- Mayor Pete Hallgren, Delta Junction

“When I had a difficult time working through the VA system, Senator Murkowski and her staff rushed to my rescue — they jumped in and solved the problem. When she talks about veterans, she always mentions they’re our most important resource. She’s made Alaska relevant to our national defense and played a huge part in saving our bases from closure.”

- Stephanie Hayd, Veterans for Lisa Coalition

“I fully support Lisa and appreciate all the help with the John Sturgeon lawsuit.”

- Betty Redfern, Interior Airboaters Association, Fairbanks

Senator Murkowski has fought hard to support job creation in Alaska. Senator Murkowski’s seniority and ability to work across party lines is invaluable in creating and moving Alaska jobs forward.”

- Vince Beltrami, President, Alaska AFL-CIO

Lisa Murkowski has a proven record of fighting for our Second Amendment freedoms. She has demonstrated her strong support for law-abiding gun owners in Alaska and throughout the United States. The NRA is proud to endorse Lisa Murkowski and appreciates her continued support of the Second Amendment.”

- Chris W. Cox, Chairman, NRA-PVF

“Lisa Murkowski has the best intentions for Alaskans’ health and protecting the health care community as a whole. With changes in health care, she has been an advocate for our special needs – being so remote and rural. I trust Lisa for looking out for our health care needs.”

- Dr. Julie McCormick, Medical Providers for Lisa Coalition

If Outdoors men and women have a champion in Washington, DC, Senator Lisa Murkowski is the one. Through her determined efforts to protect the interests of America’s anglers and hunters, we are closer than we’ve ever been for passage of the bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act.”

- Eddie Grasser, Vice President, Safari Club International

“Senator Murkowski’s leadership is critical for Alaska. She has never wavered when it comes to protecting privacy rights, the second amendment, access to public lands, or any of the freedoms that we are entitled to as Alaskans and as Americans. Her fighting spirit and ability to reach across the aisle to get things done is why Alaska needs her now more than ever.”

- Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell

As a retired Air Force pilot, I know that Lisa Murkowski has the courage and integrity to stand up for the best interests of all Alaskans.”

- Major Clark Clingenpeel (ret.), Veterans for Lisa Coalition

Experience counts! I fully support and endorse Lisa Murkowski for U.S. Senate.” 

- David Arieno, Alaskan Machine Gun Association & Alaska Outdoor Council

In the military, you learn fast that talk is cheap and results are all that count. That’s why Alaska needs Lisa Murkowski in the Senate. Senator Murkowski has the toughness and clout to deliver for Alaska. Saving Eielson from defense cuts. Protecting our F-16s. Bringing the F-35s and thousands of new jobs to the Interior. Lisa Murkowski walks the walk.”

- Brigadier General Ro Bailey (ret.), Former Group Commander, Eielson AFB

Lisa Murkowski supports Alaska Natives and understands our issues. She has a proven track record of delivering results for our members. Her leadership in the U.S. Senate has been invaluable to the Alaska Native community.”

- Aaron Schutt, Interior Leader

Lisa has experience in the Senate and serves as chair of important committees that are important to Alaska. She understands Alaskans, which is imperative for anyone representing us here at home.”

- Governor Bill Sheffield